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Factory Equipment

100+ professional production and inspection equipment


      The Spectrometer is used to detect the type and content of mixed metal elements to ensure the correct ratio of raw materials and standard performance. 

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Vacuum Melting Furnace

      The vacuum melting furnace is used to melt mixed metals and make 0.15-0.75mm cast strips.

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Hydrogen Decrepitation Furnace

      The hydrogen decrepitation furnace is used to crush cast strips and making 1000μm NdFeB powder.

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Jet Mill

      The jet mill is used to make 2-3μm NdFeB powder

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Laser Particle Analyzer

      The laser particle analyzer is used to detect the size of NdFeB powder particles to ensure that the performance is up to standard

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Powder Mixer

      The powder mixer is used to stir and mix NdFeB powder evenly to ensure the uniform distribution of NdFeB powder.

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Automatic Press Machine

      The automatic press with magnetic field is used to press the NdFeB powder in mould and justify the magnetization direction of NdFeB powder.

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace

      The vacuum sintering furnace is used to heat the moulded NdFeB powder and let the powder bond together in high temperature, increase its strength and structural integrity.

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Inner Circular Cutting Machine

      The inner circular cutting machine is used to cut the sintered NdFeB blank to a particular size, single line, tight tolerance.

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Multiple Wire Cutting Machine

      The multiple wire cutting machine is also used to cut the sintered NdFeB blank to a particular size, multiple wire, high-efficiency.

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Drilling Machine

      The drilling machine is used to drill through hole and countersunk hole for the requirement.

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Magnetizing Machine

      The magnetizing machine is used to magnetize the magnet, let the magnets become attractive.