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D9x1mm Neodymium Magnets N45 Disc Magnets

Manufacture Capacity and Product Details

Composite:Nd(Dy, Tb), Fe, B, Pr, Al, Cu etc.Chemical Formula:Nd2Fe14B
Lead Time:7-25 days depending on quantityTolerance:±0.05mm
Grade:N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, AHDensity:7.4-7.65 g/cm³
Surface Treatment:Zn, Ni, NiCuNi, Cr, Epoxy, Ag, Au etc.Default Fillet:r=0.2-0.5mm
Working Temperature:80℃-240℃ depending on different gradesCertifications:RoHS, SGS, REACH, MSDS
MOQ:≥1 pieceCountry of Origin:China
Customization:Shape, Package, LogoBrand Name:Uwandy Magnets

Payment & Service



100% in advance

PayPal, T/T, WU


100% in advance

T/T, WU, D/P


50% deposit in advance,  balance before shipment

T/T, WU, D/P


30% deposit in advance, 50% before shipment, 20% balance to be negotiated

T/T, D/P, L/C

More better payment tems can be offered for regular customers


1. We provide CAD drawing service for your order

2. We can offer suggestions on grade selection or better solutions for your project

3. We can offer free samples(value less than $50) to regular customers

Safety Warning

Neodymium magnets are brittle, super strong, easily shattered and broken, Here are some tips that will help when working with neodymium magnets:

1. Wear eye protection and gloves when working with magnets if necessary.

2. Slide the magnets rather than pulling off the stack.

3. Keep away magnets from kids in case accident happens.

4. Keep away magnets from objects that might cause damage like smartphone, GPS, pacemaker or other electronic devices.

5. Do not put magnets in high temperature environment, magnets will demagnetize while they are over heated.

6. Magnets can rust and get scratched because magnets contain iron and mostly are nickel plated.

Packing & Shipping

General Packing

1.Clear plastic bag→Small white box→Foam padding carton(36x24x16cm)

2. We will insert at least 6 pieces of steel sheets to block magnetic field for air transport

Shipping Method

Express, Air, Sea, Train, Truckload

Shipment Terms




Product Details

D9x1mm Neodymium Magnets N45 Disc Magnets


1. Shape 2. Coating/Plating 3. Diameter 4. Thickness 5. Tolerance 6. Weight
Disc/Round/Circular NiCuNi
9 mm/0.354 inch 1 mm/0.039 inch ±0.05 mm/±0.002 inch 0.48 g/0.001058 lbs

Technical Specifications:

1. Grade 2. Br 3. Hcb 4. Hcj 5. (BH)Max 6. Operating Temperature
 N45 13,300-13,700 Gauss 11.0-11.6 kOe ≥12 kOe 43-45 MGOe 80℃/176℉


Introducing our Small Round Magnets and Small Round Flat Magnets – the perfect magnetic solution for your needs! These high-quality magnets are designed to provide a remarkable pulling force of approximately 0.72 kg/1.59 lbs, while maintaining a lightweight profile of just 0.48 g/0.001058 lbs each. Their theoretical surface minimum magnetic strength reaches an impressive 1,200 Gauss, ensuring excellent performance in various applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these magnets are versatile and reliable companions for your projects. Whether you’re working on DIY crafts, organizing your workspace, or creating innovative inventions, these Small Round Magnets and Small Round Flat Magnets are the ideal choice. Embrace the power of magnetism and unlock countless possibilities with these exceptional magnets. Get yours today and experience the magnetic force like never before!


1. Approx. Pull Force 0.72 kg/1.59 lbs
2. Approx. Min. Surface Field 1,200 Gauss
3. Approx. Max. Surface Field 1,838 Gauss
4. Magnetization Direction Axial


Please note that this is only an estimate, and the actual surface field strength may vary depending on a variety of factors.

Polarity: Axial

neodymium magnets axially magnetized disc magnets

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October 2, 2023

powerful neodymium magnet!

Raymond Jones
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October 2, 2023

Strong disc magnets!

Chris Nelson
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